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18 Minutes of Lyrical Bliss...

Formed in 2018 and hailing from Milwaukee, Murder Generation is a gritty punk trio that boasts incredible lyrical prowess on their debut full-length & self-titled album.

Immediately, they hit the ground running on "Media Slow Death" which features vocal lines like "Silence shunned as wasted time / Bodies self-objectified / Suppress the anger and the madness / Edited for the masses." This is a band that you will definitely have fun jamming to, but is without a doubt very cerebral. There are prominent themes of pushing back against the takeover of social media, calling to light the struggle people have with online activity, substance abuse, violence and more.

The production of "Murder Generation" feels thin, but not to a fault. It's very stripped down to guitar, bass, drums and vocals. No frills. Overall, the focus here is without a doubt on the lyrics & vocals. Going forward for Murder Generation, I hope to hear a little more dynamics & variety in the instrumental songwriting. A punk record definitely shouldn't sound "polished & pretty" but the sky is truly the limit for Murder Generation if musicianship can get into the realm of the lyrics & vocals.

This album is 18 minutes in length, but 10 songs - only one of which reach the two-minute mark. They come at you fast & furious and leave an impression. I think because the album has such a short runtime and features thoughtful topics throughout, it's listenability increases substantially. It's very easy to run through it and then start at the top and run through it again. I love that in an album - no matter what it's length is.

If you're looking for music with substance, you've found it on "Murder Generation"

Standout moment: Verse lyrics on "Nostalgia Kills"

Memories you edit
Never get a clear view
Can't see where you're headed
Eyes glued to the rear view
Living in the past tense
Progress ever slowing
Never get a real sense
Where your life is going

From Wisconsin Rocks writer John Rackowski


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